Driving while disqualified

3rd or subsequent- Indefinitely disqualified at time of the offence. Successful section 94 Land Transport Act 1998 application  - not disqualified and sentenced to 60  hours of community work.

Dangerous Driving

 Charged with dangerous driving after a car crash. Successfully challenged the Police evidence at a Judge alone trial. Charge was dismissed. 

Assault with intent to injure

 Successfully defended the charge. 

Charge dismissed at Judge alone trial 

High Court Appeal

5th Drink Drive and  8th offence for driving while  disqualified. Had 32 previous convictions all traffic and breaches of Court orders. Sentenced to 26  months imprisonment. Successful High Court appeal of sentence  reduced to 16 months. 

Discharge without conviction

 2nd Drink Drive, previous 3 years before, successfully applied for Section 106, discharged without conviction.


Police provided CCTV evidence. Successfully defended the charge and found not guilty at Judge alone trial.